Welcome to BrickPubs!

Welcome to BrickPubs, your source for information about LEGO publications!

There are many great sites that provide information on LEGO sets (check out some of My Favorite Lego Sites), but very few that provide detailed information in LEGO publications. I created this site as an attempt to gather available information in a single place as a resource for LEGO publication collectors.

This site launched in March 2023 and will be a work in process for some time. I look forward to building out the site and trying to create the most up-to-date resource possible. Please leave a comment, if you have additional information to fill in any gaps or correct any errors that you notice.

About Me

My name is Matt. I am the curator of this site and a self-proclaimed LEGO aficionado.

As a child, I spent hours building, and playing with, LEGO. I especially loved the Space theme. Galaxy Explorer was my favorite sets at the time. I still have the original LEGO bricks from my childhood. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep any of the boxes and instructions.

I stopped playing with LEGO in my late teens and twenties (a.k.a., “The Dark Years”). I didn’t return to LEGO until my 30s when my kids were old enough to play with LEGO. We spent a lot of quality time together building and playing with LEGO. Our favorite theme was (and still is) Star Wars. We built the original UCS Millennium Falcon in 2008.

A few years later, I saw an article about how much that set had increased in value since it was retired. As I learned more about LEGO Star Wars, I became obsessed with collecting. Now, I collect sealed LEGO Star Wars sets, minifigs, and promotional items. While this site is intended to focus on LEGO Publications, I will also share a bit about My Star Wars Collection. Please be sure to check out My Wanted List and My MOC Projects.

As I got deeper into collecting, my thirst for accurate information was insatiable. That eventually led me to LEGO publications as a resource. Now I also collect LEGO publications – primarily books, magazines, and catalogs.

I am always looking for more information about the topics on the site. Please leave a comment or send me an email, if you have anything to add on a topic.

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my site!

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